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We deal in almost everything related to Cyber or computer crime & provide solution for any technical as well legal problem you may face. IFSR Cyber Division is an initiative taken by technical, security professionals and cyber forensic scientists.

Our Expert opinion and reports are valid in all the courts and legal system in India and Abroad. We give cross opinion in the Matters where truth is not revealed yet. We provide legal as well as technical solutions.

We provide every solution to you technical, Security, Cyber problems. Cyber Security and Computer crime are the most dealt areas for our panel of experienced experts. The fields covered under this division are as follows

Cyber Forensics -

Data recovery
Data theft investigation
E - Discovery
Lost files / Folders
Hidden proof of Crime (IP address, Email ID, etc)

Cyber security -

Firewall installation
Security layering on Networks
Secure Transactions
Technical guidance and AMC
Provide respective Hardware and rectify security problems
Firewall testing

We also Provide:

Forensic Experts

Fingerprint Experts

Handwriting Experts


Criminal Lawyers

 Cyber Solutions-

Installing a Network (Networking)
Securing a Network
IP tracing and Tracking (Forward & Reverse)
Providing Technical guidance
Technical Man Power (AMC)

Cyber Research & Development-

We also encourage development by continuously engaging in Research by scientific means
Penetration testing
programming development
Hardware analysis

Forensic Education

Abroad Education

Foreign Universities

Forensic Internship

Cyber Training